App Ideas

New project this term: come up with 3 app ideas, choose one, and design it.

I have to say, I’m actually pretty excited about this!

My 3 ideas were the following:

House Hunting App

Let’s face it, anyone who had to go through it knows it: house hunting is an absolute nightmare, especially in Dublin. From the crazy prices to the quality of houses out there (and that’s not even mentioning the lack of response from landlords or amount of applicants), it would make anyone want to give up on life!

I went through it very recently: after posting an ad for a room in my house (which I left on for a couple days only), I got 28 emails! And that’s because I didn’t include my phone number; last time I did my phone rang all day long, even though I had specifically asked in the ad not to call as I was at work… So yeah… A nightmare! And after replying to the emails/texts, then comes setting up the interviews… And once that’s done, you gotta choose the right person!

None of that is easy, which is why I’d like to build an app that would make this whole process somewhat easier.

It would allow each applicant to have a profile, with a photo and description, and in my original idea, an option to review/rate your landlord or flatmate. Since this app is the one I’ve decided to develop, I will expand more on the subject in another article.

Plumber App

My second idea also had to do with rating and reviewing (I probably shouldn’t have watched that episode of Black Mirror!), but this time it is about plumbers!

Another big nightmare of mine is having to find a plumber. The house I live in is always falling apart, from the boiler dying to the shower leaking into the ceiling light, there’s always something to look forward to. Therefore I have had MANY plumbers coming over, more than I can actually count on my hands, and most of them were totally useless. They charge you for coming to the house and diagnosing the problem, without actually doing anything to fix it, or fix it so badly it makes everything worse… It is very hard to trust someone, and even when googling, there aren’t so many recommendations available.

Also, according to this article in the Irish Times, “Researchers discovered there is a “gender lottery” in the way some tradesmen respond to calls for help. They found 20 per cent of women calling on the services of a plumber, electrician, builder or locksmith for simple emergency work faced a bigger bill than men with the same problem.” Lovely, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, my app idea wouldn’t fix sexism, but it would help with other points with the following features:

  • Rating/Reviewing of plumbers (quality of work, reliability, answering the phone or showing up fast, cost, etc)
  • Ability to follow travels of the plumber on GPS (inspired by Homee On Demand)
  • Easy way to request a job (description and photos)
  • Experience of plumber, credentials


Food/Cosmetic App

In France, there is a great app called Yuka, which unfortunately is not available to download in Ireland.

With it, you scan the barcode of your products (food or beauty products) and it tells you how healthy it is, using a score out of 100. If it is a bad product, it will offer you a better option to consider instead.

I think this concept is very important, as (some) people are trying to be healthier nowadays, and more conscious of the planet and where their food comes from (or at least I like to think so).

When my mum discovered this app, she spent the whole morning scanning the entirety of her beauty products (and there are quite a lot!), then moved on to the fridge, throwing out the bad eggs as she went. Or at least, taking notes of what not to buy anymore!

I’ve researched this idea a bit, looking at already existing apps, ones that are available to download in Ireland, but the ones I tried didn’t recognise any of the products I have in my bathroom, so it was pretty useless, especially since it was pretty common brands. (I tried Good Guide and EWG).




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