Social Media Strategy

In order to drive downloads of my app Homi, I decided to create 2 social media accounts to raise awareness. Both of them have links to the landing page where you can download the app.

I chose Facebook, as everybody is on it, but also because when I interviewed my users, most of them said they used it to find flatmates or rooms, thanks to groups such as “Dublin Rent a room/house/apartment/flat/accommodation“. They also used it to stalk potential flatmates.

I decided to use this channel to create a Speedflatmating event, where people can meet potential flatmates over drinks. It would be a good idea to promote the launch of Homi.

Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 09.43.24

I also used Facebook to promote Alessia’s app, PocketLaws, via the Reviews screen of my app. During my interviews, I’ve realised nobody knows what to do in case of a serious problem (with a landlord keeping the deposit, for example), so this ad is very relevant to my app.

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 18.50.55

I also decided to use Instagram. It is a very popular channel and is very visual. For the moment, I have used attractive and funny photos; in the future, I would post photos of beautiful houses. I created on May 15 in the morning. By May 20, I had 15 followers, most of them real estate agents from the look of it.

Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 17.40.20

I am considering using Twitter in the future, as it is probably a channel used by landlords. It wasn’t at the top of my priority list as while researching the channels used by my competitors, while all were on Twitter, it didn’t seem to be as popular as the other ones.

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