React App’s Application Development

As seen in the previous articles, React is all about components that interact with each other. This app is split in the following way: the Header at the very top App, the main container, fetches the data from the API, and renders : the SearchBar which allows the user to search for recipes. the RecipeList (which renders … Continue reading React App’s Application Development

React App’s Requirements & Functional Specification

This term at school, we have a new project: create a Single Page Application using React. WHAT'S REACT? React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces using small, isolated and reusable pieces of code called components. I have actually previously written an article introducing React and JSX here. To find out more about React: … Continue reading React App’s Requirements & Functional Specification

Introduction to React and JSX

React is a JavaScript library. It lets you compose complex user interfaces from small, isolated and reusable pieces of code called components. To give you a basic example of what it looks like: ReactDOM.render( <h1>Hello, world!</h1>, document.getElementById('root') );   A basic unit of JSX is called a JSX element. Here's an example of a JSX element: … Continue reading Introduction to React and JSX